Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan Black Belt has been training and teaching self defence and the fighting arts for over 40 years and he served in the British Army for 20 years as a senior instructor.

He is the author of 3 training books and various training DVDs and currently runs classes, courses, seminars and private lessons out of his Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho headquarters in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

You can therefore be assured of Martin’s high class instruction and depth of knowledge in all his DVD’s and books.

This fast moving Unarmed Combat Self Defence 3 DVD set was originally filmed for the benefit of Martin’s Black Belts and coaches in the UK and shows over 101 self defence actions and techniques.

Recently, he decided to open these DVD’s to everyone, not just his students.

Although the filming took place a few years ago, the information contained within still shows you how to destroy attackers in protection of yourself, your family and your friends in an action packed and dynamic way and was completely unrehearsed.

The way it is formulated ensures that you will learn these skills fast.

This 3 DVD set shows you how to deal with:

  • Grabs
  • Holds
  • Strikes
  • Weapons
  • Single and Multiple Attackers


At Last – Military Self-Defense Training Secrets That Shows You How To Save Your Life & The Lives of Your Loved Ones If You Are Attacked!

The word is out, now all individuals can benefit from Top-Secret Military Self-Defense Training. Martin Day has created this unique state of the art, ultra effective Self-Defence Training program by incorporating it into his DVD’s, books, and videos so that all individuals will be able to learn the techniques that were only taught to military personnel.

In case you aren’t aware, Martin Day is a military unarmed combat self-defence, health, fitness, core and bodyweight conditioning and martial arts expert. He holds a martial arts ‘Master’ level (Shihan) with his 7th Dan Black Belt status; he also served in the British Army for 20 years learning ultimate self protection skills including pressure points and arrest and restraint techniques.

Everyone that utilizes Martin’s knowledge that he demonstrates in his training books and DVD’s will be able to protect themselves, their home, loved ones and friends against cowardly, scum assailants who may be armed with or without weapons.

Weapon attacks on the DVD’s include knives, baseball bats and other blunt striking implements.

Scary isn’t it?

His battle proven “Unarmed Combat Self Defence” 3 DVD set contains vital, life saving, never seen before methods and ways of overcoming and disabling your attacker or attackers, even if they are larger and stronger than you. One “tap” from one of Martin’s amazing techniques is enough to flatten them (knock them down) so that you can escape – check out Martin’s video clip on “YouTube” where he carefully and safely disables a volunteer at a marketing seminar when he was asked to demonstrate the effectiveness of one technique.

A bit of info sums it up “106 Life-Preserving, Scumbag Repellent, Unarmed Combat Techniques from a True Battle Hardened Army instructor & Internationally Renowned Self Defence and Martial Arts Master…”


“How To Quickly & Easily Destroy & Disable Any Dangerous Street-Attacker That Threatens YOUR Life With Devastating REVOLUTIONARY Combat Proven Defense Actions & Techniques That Are Simple & Effective To Learn… and WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE…RIGHT NOW!”

These techniques are unlike anything else out there, some martial arts, or is that the majority? They don’t even teach self defence let alone have the knowledge that Martin Day has learned.

Remember that these are the same methods that are being taught to our armed services throughout the world.

This is no game and you have to take the threat of violence in today’s climate of fear very seriously; it’s either you or them and it should be them that get scared and run away; not you ending up in hospital on a life support machine.

Martin’s unarmed combat training products are known throughout the world for teaching real world effective self defence and self protection for men, women and children. He has also taught training seminars all over the world teaching the military and civilians how to survive and he teaches specific women’s self defense courses also.

Charlie Coenen from the UK used the techniques he learned from Martin to protect himself; this is what he said: “Three muggers threatened me and demanded my wallet and my mobile phone as I left a train station in broad daylight.

Thank goodness that I had the ability, confidence and posture through learning the amazingly effective techniques that Martin Day demonstrates in his DVD’s to be able to defend myself. I am forever thankful and I urge all of you to get a copy, they WILL save you from serious injury or worse.”

This Top-Secret Military Self-Defense Training provides the key “tools” for you to respond and survive any violent attack quickly and instinctively, Martin reveals what is known as “X Factors” to disable any criminal, and the secrets to demolish attackers that may be four times larger than their “victims.”

All of the techniques and actions in the DVDs can be learned by anyone at any age and will give everyone the confidence and knowledge they need in order to feel safe in all situations.

You Have My Personal 90 Day Guarantee That you will know how to handle yourself should violence strike!

I guarantee you’ll notice massive results in your self esteem, confidence and skill set within days or you will get a complete refund.

To your safety and confidence I wish you all the best.